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All Your Roofing Needs, From Repairs To Replacements

When it comes to fixing or changing your roofing in Leatherhead or nearby surrounding areas it's important you do it right. Here at Surrey London Roofing Specialists Ltd, we have a team dedicated to all aspects. Take a look at the full range of services we can offer for your roofing projects.

Working With Us

When we start with our time with you  discussing the look and style of roof you are after, from flat roofs to tile & slate roof, we can do it all. We will gain an understanding and then our team will begin taking measurements and ordering the required materials.

Once we have everything ready will arrange a time to get your roofing project started, working around you and your busy life, operating in a hassle free manner, causing as little impact to you. Throughout production we will keep in contact with you letting you know of what we are doing and why we are doing it this way, and keeping you informed of any problems which we face and how we have overcome them. Letting you know you have trusted the right company.

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Our most popular choice in roofing is felt. This is because the material is incredibly easy to work with, fitting into any shape of home and roof. With this is the ease of repairs as the whole roof wouldn't need to be replaced as we can replace patches. Felt roofs can also fit into any budget, as this option is the cheapest. Our services are available in Balham, Banstead, Earlsfield, Ewell, Fulham, New Malden, Oxshott, Sutton, Surbiton and Wimbledon.

If you are looking for a team to undertake professional felt roofing in Epsom, look no further!


Hard Wearing

Ease Of Repair

Fits Into Any Budget



Emergency Storm Cover

Fast Action Repair

Match Any Budget


Keeping your roof maintained and looked after is very important for your safety and also keeping you property protected. Our team are able to inspect your roof for you, checking through for any rooting or any future problem which you may face. We will then supply you with a wide range of solutions to fit within any budget to ensure that you can prevent any future expense.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our roof maintenance services and solutions.

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As we are constantly investing and researching into the latest developments in the industry we have learned and perfected a new material. Glass Reinforced Plastic is an incredible alternative for flat roofing. Being applied as a liquid and then let to set, this offers a hard wearing, impact resistant material. This is an incredible alternatives to normal roofs as it 

When it comes to installing glass-reinforced plastic, we are the professionals!


Hard Wearing

Water Resistant 

Low Maintenance 

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We only use the best and most trusted materials. That is why through our research we have used the tried and test Cure It GRP Roofing System as our go to material. Offering 20 year guarantee, this material is the best and most efficient material for your roofing needs.

Cure It GRP Roofing System


Corrosion Resistant 

Long Lasting 

Match Any Shape


With our team of skilled craftsmen we are able to provide you with lead roofing. This is an incredible roofing solution as it is corrosion resistant and can withstand anything the english weather has to throw at it. Being a metal, we are also able to craft a roof to match any shape, offering coverage of all aspects of a property.  Lead roofing also last, on average, three times longer than normal roofs.

Find out more about our leading roofing in Weybridge today by calling one of our experts.

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Not only do we offer roofing in Leatherhead based services but we can also provide exceptional loft conversions. With a team as talented as ours, we are able to convert your loft into a brand new living space. By doing this we can help to add value to your home or help to create a bit of extra space for your whole family to enjoy. We work to conscientiously match the exterior of your home so that it doesn't look out of place.

Simply reach out to one of our team today to find out how we can transform your property.


Extra Living Space

Add Value

Professional Quality


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